moving on

Life Can Be So Surreal At Times

20180130_082521 (2).jpg

I have had one heck of an adventure this year, and it's just getting started! 

I have made 4 TV appearances, written an article for a parenting magazine, I made one of THE most inspirational road trips you could only imagine in our dreams.

I now can add The San Antonio Book Festival to this list, April 7th 2018!

It is OFFICIAL I will be an exhibitor in the children's area where I will have books available for sale, and will also sign them. 

To think that 4 years ago Jason's Imagination was just an idea, and a few words on a piece of paper. I can even remember being 500' in the air on a cell tower, looking out, seeing some of the best sunrises and sunsets making the decision to take a chance on a dream and here I am, book and all.

Folks, I know life can drag you down, make it feel impossible to dream, to feel a sense of purpose, leaving you feeling like nothing more than another cog in the wheel, but trust yourself, trust your dreams, trust your passions... just trust yourself. If I can do it, anyone can.  

The Sky of an Ever-glowing Life


2017 has finally passed and made way for a new year, and thankfully so.

Life's drum beats strong with a deep resonance and to the core of our souls. We feel the breath of the cold winter wind on our faces still this January, maybe a little unsure of our journey, but with determination and perseverance to overcome last year's struggles. 

We try too many times to rewind the VHS moments of our lives when the present becomes just to heavy to hold. I know from personal experience how crippling that fear can be to move on, move forward, let go, say goodbye and embrace the sky of an ever-glowing life ahead of you. We build our walls so high we lose sight of all the beauty we have surrounding us afraid of the dark yet living in it everyday. 

This year tear down that wall leaving it in crumbling pieces on the ground, crushing those fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities into dust as you walk forward, following the beat of life's drum. 

"I will never forget you my American Love, and I'll always remember you wild as they do come", that's my drum. What will be yours?

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